Saturday 2 April 2011

Day 02 – Preferred programming language?

This is an ever-shifting line.

I currently prefer VB.NET but mainly because my last two jobs spanning six years basically dictated that choice.  But as time goes on I am starting to lean towards C#.

Of course VB.NET wasn’t always my preferred choice.  Previously, I worked predominantly in Java which I enjoyed and it helped that it was free and they were some very good IDEs for it that were free.

VB.NET is not the only language I work with.  The nature of the line of work that I’m in means that I’m versed in a number of different languages.  My main focus is web development so that means I work with HTML and JavaScript, and every application I work on has a database behind it so then there is also T-SQL in the mix.

So as time moves on, technology will advanced and my preferences will change.  I’ll most likely end up in C# some day as all the cool geeks seems to prefer it.  But maybe I’ll stick to my preference and not conform to most others in the .NET environment. 

Perhaps VB.NET is actually more geeky because it isn’t the perceived norm.  Wouldn’t that be a laugh!

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