Tuesday 26 April 2011

Day 26 – Apple – friend, foe or other?

Am I an Apple Fanboi?

I feel Apple was once more “friend” than anything just because it was an underdog but this is no longer the case.  As much as I love the iPod Touch and the iPhone, Apple has a stranglehold on what developers can and cannot create for Apple’s iOS devices and this is a real shame.  It probably wouldn’t so much of an issue if Apple’s approval process wasn’t so inconsistent. 

Developers are at Apple’s mercy.

And yet despite this their dictator like rule over apps for iOS devices, it has managed to be hugely successful regardless.  Perhaps Apple are actually on to something…

As an iPod Touch owner, I lean towards “friend”, but as a developer Apple are edging towards “foe” but only because of the steep Developer Tax™ I’ll be charged (namely an Apple computer)

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  1. What is with this exotic spelling of "fan boy", I have seen it elsewhere also. I guess it is iEverything so why not boi or are we going for a sophisticated french accent :-).