Tuesday 19 April 2011

Day 19 – Most hated computing environment.

Hate is such a strong word…

All computing environments have they own quirks.  As a computer geek I am a little predisposed to liking any computing environment regardless.

I have no love for MS-DOS for instance but at one time, I’m sure people loved it.  I never had to live with MS-DOS so much as I came from C64 and Amiga which by themselves were pretty good, but it was relatively easy to extend for myself purposes.  I didn’t really move into the PC world until WinXP was hitting the streets.

Even on Windows, I tend to limit my time at the DOS prompt and if I want to do something a bit more involved where throwing a console app together is overkill, I’ll pick Bash or (deity forgive) VBScript or in the future, Powershell.

The is one computing environment that can get me very worked up and it is a little mainframe system called ICMS which is run in a simple terminal client.  This probably isn’t a fault so much of the environment but of the system itself so I’m not sure it qualifies.

In the end, I cannot say I really hate any particular computing environment.  I prefer to like some more than others.

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