Thursday 21 April 2011

Day 21 – Favourite thing & worst things about working in IT?

Good thing I work in IT!

Favourite thing? 

Well I’m a computer geek, I cannot fathom why it took me so long to finally get into the IT industry!  Every day I get to do what I love to do, work with computers and develop applications that people use and hopefully enjoy enough to not cause them mental anguish.

I cannot get enough of it and work on similar stuff outside of work.

Some people think I’m crazy.  Working all day at work in front of the computer only to come home and spend time in front of the computer.

I love computers and programming computers, why would I limit myself to working on them at work only?

Worst things about working in IT?

The inevitable red-tape that can arise in the IT industry – at least in a large organistaion.

I fully admit I’m not infallible.  I make mistakes.  But most of the time, I know what I’m doing and putting obstacles in my way from doing my job can be mildly annoying.

I do understand that need for change control and paper trails but sometimes, it just gets in the way.


  1. "red-tape that can arise in a computer" - that I would like to see! I am sure it must be "people playing corporation games". Totally agree - but at least we can blame Max Weber the so called "father of bureaucracy"

  2. Sigh... That's what happens when you write blog posts in the wee hours of the morning.
    I've corrected it now.