Sunday 3 April 2011

Day 03 – What does you day job involve?

Going to work.

I work in a small team with Telecom NZ to build typically .NET based web applications to replace Access and Excel used internally by different business units within Telecom NZ.

I also develop and support a number of Excel macros and .NET desktop applications that interface with a terminal client to automate processes that transact against a terminal based application running within said client.

So my daily job typically involves building applications from end-to-end – from design to test to implementation and deployment, and to on-going support.  I am typically involved in every step of application development.

I design solutions.  I estimate the time and cost involved.  I build and test the application.  I deploy and handle the change requests and the manage incidents raised concerning faults with the applications I support.

Not all incidences are faults!

I also help steer my team towards best practices of development and selecting technologies that help us deliver better products for our customers.  In addition to this I also find tools and utilities to help me and my team mates to be more productive.  I either find something useful already fit for purpose, or write my tools or helpers to make life just that little bit easier.

It is a job I love and I cannot imagine doing anything else.

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