Monday 4 April 2011

Day 04 – Greatest application written to date.

What defines “greatest”?

I don’t believe I can pin point this to a specific application as a whole.  An application is made up of blocks and a lot of those blocks are boring and sometimes a little monotonous and repetitive.

But some of those blocks are sometimes just pure awesomeness.

Either because they involved doing something new, or were particularly difficult yet I managed to break through and produce some gorgeous code.  Sometimes it is a particularly well designed and executed UI which works like a dream.  Or it could be because of some other equally satisfying piece of work.

It is generally called a science, but for me programming is a lot more like art.  I put a lot of effort into creating the best applications I can but they are not perfect and in a sense never complete, but they all have something about them that makes them special.

Is programming a reflection of life?

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