Thursday 14 April 2011

Day 14 – Favourite computer conference?

Tech Ed. Need I say more?

For the last two years I have missed out on going to Tech Ed New Zealand because I had foolhardily scheduled the births of my son and daughter to coincide with the biggest Microsoft event in New Zealand.

This year I am finally free, with no impending births, to attend this big event in Auckland.

Except for one thing.

I am no longer sure if I want to be away from my family for two night and basically three days.

I have been to Tech Ed twice, both times I was foot loose and fancy free.  Now, I have other priorities.  It is a real shame the conference is never held in Wellington or at least has never been held here in my short memory.

Another conference I do enjoy which is held in Wellington is WebStock.  I managed to attend this five day event two years ago and it was great.  Especially since it didn’t involved flying to Auckland.  Hopefully I get to attend again in the future, perhaps even next year.

In the meantime, Tech Ed is still my favourite and perhaps as the time draws near I will be more keen to actually attend.

Did I mention the food is great? ;)

1 comment:

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