Monday 11 April 2011

Day 11 – Favourite hacking environment–music, light, seating, etc.

I take what I can get.

My hacking environment is a corner of the lounge.  There are not a lot of options.  It does mean I’m warm in the winter but distractions are my worst enemy.  Though I tend to tune out everything when I’m really concentrating while hopefully still managing to keep a ear out to keep tabs on when the kids or the missus still needs something of me.

I tend to not listen to music while coding, though classical can be soothing sometimes.  If I listen to anything it would generally one of a handful of podcasts I subscribe to.

I prefer the desk to be well lit but not too bright.

I sit on what ever is handy and tend to like to have a foot stool nearby.

I find too much heat a killer of concentration so I tend to prefer the room temp to be a little of the chilly side.   I have been known to be a little frugal on heating even in the middle of winter. Having a young family now has changed all that now.

There is nothing all that special with my environment. Just as long as I have power and an internet connection I am all good.

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